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Navman GPS 3450 for iPAQ Pocket PCs - Navigational Mapping Solution for Your Handheld

iPAQ™ Pocket PC Compatibility
H3600, H3700, H3800, H3900, H5150, H5450 and H5550 series iPAQs


US Navigation (AA005215) $199
(unit bundled with Navtech mapping software)

Canadian Navigation $320  
(unit bundled with Fugawi -
Cdn & US streets included)

Nautical Navigation
Nautical navigation click here

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navman 3450
Discontinued. Please click here to find other Navman items Please click here for other ipaq gps items

The convenient, powerful and easy-to-use personal navigation solution.
Navman GPS 3450 for iPAQ Pocket PCs

Whether driving across country, walking around town or anything in between, the Navman GPS 3450 includes everything needed to turn a Compaq iPAQ H3600, H3700 or H3800 Pocket PCs into a complete street navigation solution.

iPAQ™ Pocket PC Compatibility
H3600, H3700, H3800, H3900, H5150, H5450 and H5550 series iPAQs

We combine the confidence of Navigation Technology maps - found in 100% of North America's in car vehicle systems - with the convenience of our GPS sleeve, powerful street mapping software and intuitive user interface to give you a premier mobile GPS street mapping solution! We even included a windshield mounting bracket and vehicle power adapter so you have everything you need, to know where you are, and get where you are going.

>> To get additional GPS maps see http://www.mightygps.com/gpsmaps.htm

Features Complete Navigational Solution:
> Convenient GPS sleeve with built in Type II Compact Flash slot
> Navtech US maps - contiguous 48 states and Hawaii
> Address-to-address navigation
> Windshield mounting bracket
> Vehicle power adapter
> Compact, mobile powerful and expandable GPS sleeve
> Quadrifiler helix (multi-directional) antenna
> 12-channel satellite signal receiver
> Type II Compact Flash expansion slot use for maps or any other data or applications
> Outputs standard NMEA 0183 V 2.01 at 57600 baud with position updates every 2 seconds
> Vehicle power adapter charges iPAQ while operating
> iPAQ battey life: 1.5 to 2.2 hours with full backlighting and GPS enabled
Maximum mobility:
> Ideal for in-car and handheld operation
> Route planning with dynamic re-routing
> On-the-fly routing
> Voice and visual route instructions
> Fully automatic operation when driving
Software (Navtech): Easy-to-use interface:
> Large accessable icons
> Easy-to-read maps
> Extensive and simple-to-use POIs
> Voice and visual navigation commands
> Access maps in memory or directly from loaded CF card
> Concise simple directions
> Auto Zoom when approaching maneuver
> Estimated time of arrival automatically calculated

Technical Specifications
Receiver Frequency: 1575.42 MHz (L1 band)
C/A code, SPS [Standard Positioning System]
Antenna Type: Helix Antenna
Ensures excellent satellite pick up at every angle
GPS Receiver
Technology: SIRF star IIe chip set
Satellite Measure Used: 12-channel parallel automatic selection
Operating Temperature: 0C to 70C
Storage Temperature: -10C to 85C
Supply voltage Protection: Compact Flash 75mA maximum average as per CF specification revision 1.4
Time To Fix First (TTFF)
Hot Start: 8 seconds typical
Warm Start: 38 seconds typical
Cold Start: 120 seconds typical
Accuracy of Position Fix
Horizontal: 5 meters, typical 10.0 meters 95% probable
Receiver Configuration
Serial Output:  
Baud rate: 57600; 8, N, 1
Update rate: Once every two seconds
Output Message: NMEA 0183 version: 2.20,
Power Connection
Power: 3.3 V DC from the Compaq™ iPAQ™ Pocket PC
External Power: 5.0 V PC to the iPAQ™ via NAVMAN vehicle power cable
Warranty Period:
Twelve [12] months limited parts and labor warranty.