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LGMU 1100 GPS Tracker


LGMU-1100 Series GPRS

Water Resistant Tracking Device

  • For use in harsh environments with Water and Dust Resistant Case

  • 3-Axis accelerometer

  • Marine, Motorcycle, Trailer applications

  • Internal antennas

  • Internal battery back-up

  • 1 Input/1 Output

  • Water and Dust Resistant

  LGMU 1100 units @ $265

For optional subscriptions or for volume pricing discounts and further information, please contact us at

or fax 416-769-2512

Automobile and Recreational vehicle tracking

Fully sealed, economical tracking unit for recreational vehicles.Easy, inexpensive installation.
The BT LGMU 1100 is an ideal solution for those looking for monitoring and theft recovery of recreational vehicles. Water and dust proof, this unit can withstand any outdoor environment and provides improved reliability and lifespan with a 700mAh back-up battery.
Easy to mount and can be installed virtually anywhere on the vehicle.

• Waterproof casing
• Deep Sleep Mode
• Low Power Consumption
• Lightweight
• Ideal for theft recovery
• Real Time tracking

• Motorcycles
• Snowmobiles
• Other outdoor recreational vehicles

• Boats
• Jet Skis
• Bikes


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