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BT_TTGU_700 GPS Tracker


GPRS Long term, compact Trailer Tracking device

  • 5000 message cycles on fully charged battery pack

  • Powerful tracking ability in a small package

  • Sealed and rugged enclosure

  • Built-in motion sensor

  • GPRS Long term, compact Trailer Tracking device

  • Long term battery

  BT_TTGU_700 units @ $285

For optional subscriptions or for volume pricing discounts and further information, please contact us at

or fax 416-769-2512

Asset and Container

Battery operated, non rechargeable unit designed for multi year, no maintenance deployments. The BT TTU 700 is a fully sealed, battery powered unit featured a rugged enclosure and exceptional power management. Designed to operate for up 7 years with one message per day, the battery can be replaced in field to extend lifespan and lower cost of ownership. Built in application monitors environmental conditions and allows for exception based configurations, including power management.


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gps bundles system

• Self Powered, Extended Life
• Rugged Weatherproof
• Battery life notification
• Super Sensitive GPS
• Motion Sensor reporting


• Non Powered Asset Tracking
• Slap’n’Track Usage
• Low Frequency Tracking

• Track valuable assets
• Trailers
• Gas Tanks
• Mowers
• Golf Carts

Click Here for Spec Sheet

gps bundles


gps bundles system