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CoPilot Pocket PC - Click Here to Buy

CoPilot Live Pocket PC  CompactFlash GPS
Get Live. Get Connected. Get Anywhere. Outfit your Pocket PC with CoPilot Live and a CoPilot CompactFlash receiver. With features like advanced Text-to-Speech, wireless two-way messaging, vehicle location and itinerary updates, and Points-of-Interest Notification, going "live" means that you're always one step ahead.


Get Live. Get Connected. Get Anywhere.
"Live" is the next step in the evolution of navigation solutions. CoPilot Live lets you to keep your mind on the road while your "live" navigation system allows you to make intelligent decisions based on current information. Advanced Text-to-Speech technology provides real time spoken turn-instructions including street-names. New integrated wireless communications features enable real-time sharing of information between the vehicle and office, including two-way messaging, vehicle location and itinerary updates. From Points of Interest tailored for the way you live and work, to a customizable user interface, and smart alerts that provide key information without distracting the driver, going "live" means that you're always one step ahead.
The CoPilot CompactFlash receiver fits any Pocket PC with a Type I or Type II CF slot. Includes a vent mount that sticks to the back of your PDA or Expansion Pack
See specifications for Software & Hardware features.



  • Includes:

  • Includes 1 install CD

  • 1 data CD (street level detail)

  • CF GPS receiver with 2 meter external antenna

  • Vent mount

  • In-vehicle power adapter

  • User's guide available as a PDF in software

  • Live Features:

  • Customizable display always shows the information you want while driving. Select from: Current road, Crossroad, Speed, Current time, Elevation or Nearest Town

  • POI Notification feature will announce Points-of-Interest as you approach them

  • Text-to-Speech provides detailed spoken instructions in a clear, concise voice, including street names and distance to turn. Even choose between a male or female voice!

  • New Walking Mode gives more accurate directions on foot

  • Draggable Maps mean maps can be moved in any direction using a stylus

  • Two-way messaging, vehicle location, and itinerary updates allow for real-time transfer of information between the Pocket PC in your vehicle and desktop computer in your home or office

  • Dynamic Route Guidance automatically recalculates your route within seconds of missing a turn

  • Detour and Selective Routing routes you around traffic and avoids unwanted roads

  • Pocket Outlook integration for quick entry of a Contact as a destination

  • ETA feature displays the time remaining in your trip