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Aircraft Tracking

For aircraft owners, fleet operators and agencies who require the most cost effective way to track their aircraft. This unit increases efficiency, provides situational awareness, and promotes safety by reliably monitoring aircraft movement in near real time. Available at a breakthrough price, this system allows you to quickly outfit, deploy and track aircraft.
Fleet Tracking Fleet Tracking
Forest Protection Limited, Great Slave Helicopters and Pemberton Helicopters uses this to keep track of their fleet.
“It still amazes me at how much clearer the picture is by knowing where everybody is instantly”
plane tracker Peace of Mind
Police use this to identify problems on flights quickly and accurately
aff AFF
Over 100,000 GPS positions have been reported by aircraft flying
for the US Department of Agriculture and Canadian Firefighting
agencies using this for Automated Flight Following
helicopter tracker
Bell Helicopter Textron and Found Aircraft use this to track aircraft delivered to new customer.
"It's a great stresss relief to know where our aircraft are at all times"
accurate maintenance records and flight logging
Maintenance Logs
Using sophisticated on-device firmware, this can determine takeoff and landing times for accurate maintenance records and flight logging
Flight Schools
Flight Schools
Empire Aviation, Mount Royal College and Northern Air, and Skywings Flight Academy track their students during training flights to ensure pilot safety and to record manoeuvres.

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  Volume Purchases of Aircraft Tracking Units

Looking for multiple units? Are you a military / institutional buyer? Please contact us regarding volume discounts

 Images of the Air Craft GPS Tracker Solution

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