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Star Caddy for PDA w/ GPS Receiver and Software

Choosing the right club can make or break your game. StarCaddy's s unique PDA-based software and hardware helps you choose the best club for every shot. StarCaddy software displays a digital map of the course on your PDA, using GPS to give you the exact distance to the green, sand traps, or any other course feature. Analyze the key elements of the course to improve your club selection and game with just a tap on your Palm or PocketPC PDA.

StarCaddy helps golfers Choose the Best Club For Every Shot!

Take the Guesswork Out of Your Game.
With GPS and a sophisticated digital map you can analyze the distance for every shot you make. Use StarCaddy to determine exact yardage to any course feature and take the guesswork out of your game.

Lay Up or Go For It? The Right Decision Every Time.
What's the landing area between two bunkers? Can you make it over the pond? With StarCaddy, there's no more worrying about hazards or long shots. With its precise measurement tool, you can judge distances perfectly and choose the perfect strategy every time.

X Marks the Spot.
When using a GPS Receiver, StarCaddy pinpoints your position on the course with an X. As you move, StarCaddy automatically zooms in to display increasing detail and the precise distance from you to the green at all times.

Keep Score with StarCaddy.
StarCaddy lets you track your game with precision. With a tap of the screen, you can view the tees, yardage and handicap for each hole. StarCaddy dynamically calculates In, Out and Total scores, tracks match status (including strokes given per hole) and will even record presses and side bets. So relax and let StarCaddy keep score for you or your foursome.

Play Any Course Like It's Your Home Course.
Stop trying to interpret maps and legends. StarCaddy's digital maps are accurate and easy to read. These maps are created from satellite and aerial imagery and are geo-referenced to be within one yard of actual position. And since StarCaddy can give you the exact distance to each course feature, every course, you can master the grounds in no time. Every course will feel like your home course!

Download your first StarCaddy course map for free!
Getting started with StarCaddy is easy! Check out all the digital course maps available at www.starcaddy.com, then pick the ones you want. Your first map is FREE with your purchase of StarCaddy. You can download detailed digital maps for the courses you play at home, on vacation or when you're traveling on business.

Use StarCaddy's MapManager to efficiently control your list of digital course maps. MapManager is a program for your desktop computer that installs StarCaddy on your PDA and lets you easily move your course maps on and off your PDA. MapManager stores your course maps when they're not in use and checks for FREE updates to the maps and the StarCaddy software.

StarCaddy is optimized with a GPS receiver.

According to an informal survey of golf pros, the average golfer loses as many as six strokes per round to incorrect club selection. StarCaddy uses GPS satellite technology to give golfers the information needed to choose the right club every time and pick up strokes without practice.

System requirements for the desktop PC:

  • OS: Win 95/98/2000/ME/XP (Home or Professional)/NT
  • Internet Access required: IE 5.0 or higher OR Netscape 4.0 or higher
  • Sync Software: Active Sync 3.1 or higher (for Pocket PC models)
  • PalmDesktop 3.1 or higher (for Palm OS models)

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