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TDK Bluetooth USB Adaptor
Seamlessly adjust to the future of mobile communications with TDK's unique USB Adaptor.

By simply plugging directly into your USB port, the adaptor enables connectivity with other Bluetooth units including laptops, mobile phones or PDAs, at ranges of up to 50 metres.

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TDK Bluetooth PC card
An alternative to the USB Adaptor, the TDK PC card provides effortless wireless connections between devices with maximum functionality.

Using TDK's own high performance ceramic antenna, the PC card provides invisible connection to a host of peripherals, with ranges of over 50 metres. Discontinued

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TDK BlueTooth Technical Specifications

General radio Carrier frequency:2.402 -2.495GHz
  Guard bands:2 26MHz
Range coverage 1m 50m
Data transfer rate Gross:1Mbps
  Max.data transfer:721kbps
Transmitting power Normal:0dBm
Receiving power Sensitivity:-80dBm @1e-3 BER
Environmental Operating temperature:0 to 45 C
  Storage temperature:-25 to 75 C
Operating frequency bands
Geography Regulatory range RF channels
USA 2.4000-2.4835GHz f=2402+K MHz,K=0 ...78
Europe 2.4000-2.4835GHz f=2402+K MHz,K=0 ...78
Japan 2.4000-2.4835GHz f=2402+K MHz,K=0 ...78
Packet switching protocol based on a frequency-hopping scheme with 1600hops/s.
Compatibility PalmV, PalmVx using Palm O/S 3.3 or later, IBM WorkPad C3

TDK Bluetooth PC Card & USB Description

TDK Bluetooth USB Adaptor TRBLU03
TDK Bluetooth PC Card TRBLU04