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Now you can easily get around town while on a business trip or never get lost on that “family road-trip” using a Bluetooth GPS Receiver.

From your Bluetooth enabled mobile device, like a Pocket PC, laptop computer, or new Tablet PC, you can connect easily to the GPS Receiver and know where you are using a variety of NMEA compliant software. Since this GPS product does not use your device’s CompactFlash or PC card slot, you still have expandability.

It’s easy to add Bluetooth functionality to a Pocket PC via the Bluetooth Connection Kit (SDIO or CompactFlash). Pair it with the Bluetooth GPS Receiver and a Bluetooth phone, and you can benefit from a real-time navigational system with access to maps on the Internet.

Before, adding GPS to a Pocket PC meant using an obtrusive GPS receiver or troubling with messy cords and antennas — reducing the portability of your Pocket PC. Besides adding bulk and weight to your Pocket PC, these solutions also consumed power from your Pocket PC. Plus you had to assemble the different gadgets every time you used them. Using Bluetooth to wirelessly add GPS eliminates all of these inconveniences.

If your laptop or PDA is not bluetooth enabled already then add the
Bluetooth Adptor first.

No cables also means you can position the Bluetooth GPS Receiver for optimal satellite reception. You can keep the Bluetooth GPS Receiver in your coat pocket or on your dashboard while you use it — as long as there is a direct line of sight to the sky. This lets you devote your hands to using your Pocket PC or driving your vehicle, instead of juggling devices.


bluetooth gps
Additional Info:
BTGPS Datasheet (pdf format)

The BTGPS hardware is compatible with all software programs just as any handheld or mounted GPS unit would be.  Add bluetooth wireless functionality to any of your professional or recreational applications.
Bluetooth with Software Bundles
Bluetooth GPS for Palm with US & Canada Streets                                       
 (Emtac software) (lower 48 states only)                                             


Bluetooth GPS for Pocket PC or Laptop with US & Canada Streets       
(Fugawi software)         


Bluetooth GPS for Pocket PC or Laptop with US & Canada Streets       
(Fugawi software)         


Bluetooth GPS for Palm with Europe Streets                                                    
 (TomTom software)                                             


Bluetooth GPS for Pocket PC or Laptop with Europe Streets                      
 (TomTom software)                                             


Bluetooth GPS for Nautical Applications                                                               
For Laptop - Fugawi ENC software


Accessories: Bluetooth Adaptor - Bluetooth enable your PC or PDA