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Covert GPS

Pro Real Time Tracking System

A completely self-contained unit, ideal for covert applications. Includes rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. No tracker is easier or faster to install. One-piece unit installs in seconds!

Actual size:
(inches) 4.68 x 3.68 x 1.33
(millimeters) 119 x 93 x 34
Housed in a Hammond aluminum waterproof enclosure.

System includes battery, charger, all software and detailed street maps.

Designed Specifically for Covert Use.
Completely self-contained real-time tracking system, ideal for covert applications. No tracker is easier or faster to install. One-piece unit installs in seconds! Includes built in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. Complete system locks in place instantly with 2 heavy duty 50 lb magnetic mounts.

Built-In Rechargeable Battery:
Completely self contained and portable, enabling the user to easily change target vehicles as necessary. The battery will provide up to 72 hours of continuous tracking without a recharge. The battery charger is included and features an indicator showing exactly how much power is in the battery.

Live Tracking & Data Logging:

Data log tracks location, time, speed and the amount of time spent in one location for up to 20 days. The sleep-mode shuts down the unit after 10 minutes, drawing less power and not recording useless data. When the target moves the receiver automatically powers back up.

Mobile Tracking:
Using a laptop and cell phone, tracking is possible anywhere, even on the move! Tracking data can be viewed on any desktop or laptop PC. Data is directly downloaded through an encrypted cellular connection, giving you real-time location info.

Complete system with all options.
Includes battery, charger, all software and detailed street maps.


Mighty GPS-Covert Tracker-Pro

Status In Stock


$1620 / unit

GPS Unit + Tracking Service Option -Click here to visit MightyTracker.com

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Callout Feature:
New callout feature enables the unit to contact your cell phone in the event that the vehicle or target moves.

Covert GPS with Call Out Feature $1870

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