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GPS Sensor Module
(Supports connection to active antenna)
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Compact GPS receiver/data logger
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GPS sirf iii module

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bluetooth gps europeBluetooth Europe GPS Card

240 / EUR 360 / $350
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iGuidance GPS software iGuidance
Europe GPS Software
with Europe
Streets included
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 TeleType Mini Bluetooth

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G30-L Data Logger

G30-L Data Logger

to connect to a PC or PDA



pharos sdio gps Pharos SDIO GPS Reciever
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cf card gps memory Syson CF GPS with 1GB Memory

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Looket p20
Portable Multimedia Player (PMP)
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cf card gps Syson CF GPS
..$215 $139
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Looket G7
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SysonChip Bluetooth GPS Receiver

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automobile laptop gps Mapopolis Navigator
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automobile laptop gps Mapopolis Navigator
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16 Channel miniature

GPS receiver

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FISH 4100

Navman Fishfinders

FISH 4150

Navman Fishfinders

FISH 4200

Navman Fishfinders

TeleType Bluetooth
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Fishfinder 100 Blue

Fishfinder 100 Blue


Navman Blueooth

with Smart ST Software
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maptech Pocket Navigator software

bluetooth gps

Emtac - BTGPS

Navman GPS 3420 for iPAQ Pocket PCs

Navman GPS 3450 for iPAQ Pocket PCs
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pharos ViewSonic V35/36/37 Pharos ViewSonic V35/36/37
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USG-BTH820 - Bluetooth Stereo Reciever w/ Earphones

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iGPS-CF Receiver Pharos iGPS CF GPS
..$250 $195
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TDK Bluetooth USB Adaptor


fish finders and sounders Garmin Fish Finders and Sounders


TDK Bluetooth PC card

Magellan Meridian Color Specifications $ 349.99
  • Full Color 120 x 160 pixel display.
  • Accurate to within 3 meters or better.
  • Easy to use
  • Built-in mapping of North America and unlimited expandability with removable SD memory cards.
  • Full Featured Navigation
  • Store up to 20 routes and 2,000 track-points
  • Save Track-to-Route - convert complicated track files into easy to follow routes.
  • NorthFinderTM shows your direction even when standing still.
  • Sun/Moon positions shows you when the sun will rise and set, as well as the phase of the moon, for any date and location in the world.
  • Fish and game calculator
  • Monitor the GPS satellites in view and get information about their status.
The Cobra GPSM3000 Portable System

On the go? The Cobra GPSM3000 Portable System-Mobile Navigation System with Gyroscope is the tool you need! This portable vehicle navigation system allows you to easily transfer the unit from vehicle to vehicle - just plug it in and you're ready to go. The automatic route navigation feature provides turn by turn directions and clear voice guidance to an entered address - or choose to select from over 2 million points of interest - easily searchable by category or by using business phone numbers. If you get off course, the automatic re-routing feature will get you back on track. In tunnels and underpasses where satellite signals are lost, the gyroscope will take over and keep you on the map. The 5.2" high resolution, ultra bright color display allows for easy viewing, night and day - the automatic brightness control uses a photo sensor to adjust the display for easy viewing at night. Programming the unit is simple using the backlit, intuitive functional soft keys - no smudging of your display, easy access to specific functions in any mode. Addresses on your Windows Pocket PC or Palm OS handheld systems can be instantly transferred to the GPS unit using the infrared port. Additional Features: •Easy Map Access: no CDs to load or downloading of maps from PCs •A.S.A.P. II (Accelerated Satellite Acquisition Protocol) Technology •North American Street Level detail map on board: 1 minor region of your choice. Additional regions available for purchase. •Trip Data: includes odometers, trip timers, speedometers and more. •Trip Planner allows you to pre-program up to 5 destinations in each plan. •Trail Mode allows you to go off-roading and record favorite points for future return. •SmartPower™ feature shuts off power to the unit when the ignition is turned off •Compass shows 8 cardinal points; Altimeter displays altitude reading •Navigation text/voice language in unit: English, Spanish, and French •Acquisition Time (approx): 8 sec. hot, 38 sec. warm, 45 sec. cold •Update Rate: 1/sec •Velocity Accuracy: 0.1 meter/sec •Built-in patch antenna One year limited warranty

teletype aviation TeleType Mio system Aviation Bundle
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sportrak pro
  • SporTrak Pro 980616-02 Specifications

  • Features an 9 MB mapping database.

  • 23 MB free memory for downloading street-level maps.

  • Built-in mapping of North America and unlimited expandability.

    Multiple language support.

sportrak map
SporTrak Map 980616-01  Specifications
  • Features a 2 MB North American mapping database.

  • 6 MB’s free memory for downloading street-level maps.

  • Store up to 20 routes, 500 way points and 2,000 track-points.


Mighty Mouse Antenna
Mighty Mouse Antenna

only $89.95 ** discontinued

  • 28dB gain active GPS antenna
  • max of 5mA current consumption
  • Input range:  2.5 VDC to 5.5 VDC
  • 3 stage amplifier and band pass filtering
  • Extreme low power
  • Magnetic or screw-plate mounting
  • -40 to +85 C operating range, Fully waterproof
  • Choice one for the following connectors:
  • Right-angle connector avaiable
Mighty Mouse Antenna Why settle for an ordinary antenna? The high gain, low battery draw Mighty Mouse provides high performance signal lock in the toughest conditions, and works with most handhelds that have an external antenna jack. Just screw on the appropriate connector, connect to your GPS, and you're ready to go.
Vortech Reradiating GPS Antenna


GPS devices with small, built-in antennas lose satellite reception in tough conditions. The Vortech Antenna System keeps you locked on by sending boosted signals to your GPS.


Plug the Vortech into a 12 Volt DC outlet and the unique, wide-area reradiator uses the power to transmit an amplified signal to your GPS receiver. Since the Vortech System doesn't require a direct connection to the GPS, it will work with any model and is ideal for auto, RV and boating applications where roofs and overheads block satellite signals.


Connect the Vortech antenna directly to the GPS antenna jack. Thanks to a universal connector solution and "smart electronics" the Vortech will work with most GPS models. In this application, the power to boost the signals is supplied from the batteries in the GPS– making it ideal for hiking and hunting applications where heavy tree cover and deep canyons cause built-in passive GPS antennas to lose signal.

After all... when the conditions are the toughest, you need your GPS the most. only $98
 ** discontinued


CoPilot Live Pocket PC CF GPS Edition

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Pocket CoPilot Live for Pocket PC Phones

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fugawi marine enc

Fugawi Tracker
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blackberry gps Spot GPS software for Blackberry

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Navman GPS AA008004Navman's SmartSTT professional mapping software means you can effortlessly enter your destination, set your route and begin your journey with confidence whether in a car or walking city streets. Whichever you choose, the quickest route or the shortest, you'll benefit from full 3D color map views, enhanced street level detail, automatic 'Back-on-track' re-routing and 'Avoid Areas' function.
review: http://www.gpsinformation.org/dale/PocketPC/SmartST.htm

Price: $189 AA008004 - the Pocket PC software from Navman for USA

Skyview UK


FUGAWI Navigation Software provides support for Swedish Government digital map products.

  • Bavaria SampleOfficial Topographic Maps from Bayerisches Landesvermessungsamt.
  • CD Contains 169 1:50,000 maps for Bavaria.
  • 5 meters per pixel resolution.
  • BSB Format.
  • GPS Ready - Just click to import into Fugawi for moving map navigation.

ONBSB2- Toronto and the Niagara Escarpment

  • National Topographic System of Canada.

  • CD Contains 33 1:50,000 maps and 5 1:250,000 maps for the area shown.

  • 5 meters per pixel resolution for the 1:50,000 maps.

  • BSB Format.

  • GPS Ready - Just click to import into Fugawi for moving map navigation.

  • Produced under licence from Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, with permission of Natural Resources Canada.

  • Bavaria Sample
  • Official Topographic Maps from Landesvermessungsamt Nordrhein-Westfalen
  • CD Contains 94 1:50,000 maps for Nordrhein-Westfalen.
  • 5 meters per pixel resolution.
  • BSB Format.
  • GPS Ready - Just click to import into Fugawi for moving map navigation.


private label - GPS/GSM Combo pack
GPS/GSM Combo pack
GPS Radar Detector

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BGVT-730 AVL GPS Module

GPS Passive Patch Antenna
oem gps modules and chipsets
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gsm gprs cf card Teletype GSM GPRS CF Card


gsm gprs cf card

Motorola Talkabout 6320TALK6320
TalkAbout 6320 AA FRS Radio
TALK 6320NTalkAbout 6320 NiMH FRS Radio (P/N: TALK6320N)

Watt FRS Radio with 14 Channels, 38 Codes.

Top features include
Clock, Alarm, Stopwatch, Weather, 10 Call Tones, Compass
Thermometer, Barolmeter, and Altimeter. Includes NiMH Battery,
Charging Adapter, and Charging Tray. Compatible with AA alkaline
Fishfinder 160
Fishfinder 160
Fishfinder 160 Blue
Fishfinder 160 Blue


Oregon Scientific ATP108A Altimeter WatchOregon Scientific ATP108A Altimeter Watch w/ Heart Rate Monitor

* Measures altitude from -1,312 - 30,000 feet
* Altimeter vertical speed from 150 - 150 feet per second
* Measures outside temperature and barometric pressure
* Icons displaying weather forecast next 12-24 hours
* Bar graph displaying barometric history
* Thermometer operating range 14.0 - 140.0 Fahrenheit.
* Measures elapsed workout time
* HiGlo Electro-luminescence backlight for easy viewing
* Chronograph stopwatch and countdown timer
* Heart Rate Monitor displays heart rate continuously
* Wireless chest strap transmits heart rate to accompanying watch
* Measures heart rate from 25 - 250 beats per minute
* 2 heart rate limit alarms
* 12/24-hour clock with alarm, month/day/date display
* 1 daily alarm and 3 event alarms
* Water resistant up to 100 feet
* PC software and docking station (optional)
* Batteries: 1- CR2032 (watch)/1- CR2032 (chest strap)
* Actual Size: 2x.75x10

RM868 Atomic Clock

ExactSet™ Projection Clock


JMR838WFA Atomic Clocks

Jumbo ExactSet 2122 Clock w/Weather Forecaster



RM328PA Atomic Clocks

ExactSet Projection Clock w/CF Thermo

WS-7032UF --- Wireless Weather Stations

Wireless Forecast Station


WS-8010U --- Wireless Weather Stations

Giant Wireless Forecast Station



wedge software

GPS Wedge Software

OEM software


 CoPilot for Motorola Q

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CoPilot SmartPhone

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Copilot for Treo 700w

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anywheremapAnywhereMap Software
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gps aviationAnwhere Tracker GPS
..usb or ipaq cables available
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Anywhere Sentinel GPS

AnywhereMap Sentinel
..CF slot GPS receiver

 for laptop or PDA
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NDI Charts
cf card gps


pharos ViewSonic V35/36/37

Pharos GPS


Navman GPS 3420 for iPAQ Pocket PCs


Alabama Topo

US Topos - (AllTopo)

Bluetooth GPS card
Bluetooth GPS
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car gps system GV-101
..Car GPS System

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MightyGPS BluetoothGPS Receiver

personal tracker









Personal Tracker


Bluetooth GPS
High performance BlueTooth GPS


LAS 7100


Mighty GPS Gift CertificatesMightyGPS Gift Certificates

MightyGPS DL-200BT

Bluetooth Datalogger


MightyGPS DL-200

Datalogger with USB interface


mini tracker

Secure Track Mini GPS Tracker


tom tom go700 TomTom GO 700 Portable GPS Navigation System

The TomTom Go Portable GPS Car Navigation System is the smart, easy and connected portable car navigation system.
-TomTom's GO portable GPS navigation system integrates TomTom's award-winning personal-navigation software into a portable, cable-less design that fits in any briefcase, handbag, or backpack.

- tomtom specs


tom tom go TomTom GO 300 Portable GPS Navigation System

The TomTom Go Portable GPS Car Navigation System is the smart, easy and connected portable car navigation system.
-TomTom's GO portable GPS navigation system integrates TomTom's award-winning personal-navigation software into a portable, cable-less design that fits in any briefcase, handbag, or backpack.

- tomtom specs

Vehicle Navigation System GV 201
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magellan roadmateMagellan ROADMATE 860T
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Garmin Ique

garmin rinoRino 110

garmin rinoRino 120  

magellan roadmate

Magellan ROADMATE 3050T
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Magellan ROADMATE 2000
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streetpilot Magellan ROADMATE 6000T
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Streetpilot III garmin streetpilot eTrex Venture garmin etrex venture eTrex Summit garmin etrex summit

gps radar

GPS Radar - Cobra XRS9530
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GPS radar

GPS Radar
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cobra gps radar

GPS Radar - Cobra XRS9930
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radar detector with gps

GPS Radar - Cobra XRS9730
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tom tom rider

Tomtom Rider

Heavy Vehicle Tracking GPS 

Pet Tracker

Pet Tracker


USB GPS Receiver

usb gps receiver




MG3301mt  & MG3179mt


See details

gd30l gps




WT-951 Wrist Watches

Radio Controlled Leather Strap Watch

G Sat Bluetooth Receiver

G Sat Bluetooth Receiver


Mac Bluetooth Receiver
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CoPilot - Highway level maps for Mexico

Highway level maps for Mexico



garmin gps v

Garmin GPS V

Garmin StreetPilot 2820
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Garmin StreetPilot 2730

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Garmin Nuvi 660

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Garmin Nuvi 360

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Garmin StreetPilot c530

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Garmin StreetPilot c340

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Cdn Nautical -

(MapCruiser & BoatCruiser)


Bluetooth Headset

USG-BTH818 - Bluetooth Headset w/ Caller ID




tracking worldwide network








Postal Letter Logger

GPS Postal

Letter Logger


Personal Navigation Device

Personal Navigation Device GV370

3.5 inch gps iwth sirf iii

Mighty GPS 

   3.5 inch screen with Sirf III



fugawi MOA

Fugawi Map of America

Maptech Marine Navigator
Marine Navigator combines Maptech's Digital ChartKit, Contour 3-D Charts, and Offshore Navigator in one package with a value price - you'll save almost $200 compared with buying the three components separately.

12 Channel GPS

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High Sensitivity GPS

See details

SDIO GPS Receiver SDIO GPS Receiver

Mighty GPS World Tracker

M GPS World Tracker

* 3 AAA battery powered data logger, * 8MB Flash memory size


Track stick 2

M GPS - TrackStick 2

*USB Stick Datalogger Unit, * 1 MB Memory, *Record speed, dist., elevation lat. long.

* 2 AAA Batteries, *Battery life up to 7 days (before recharge)


Mapopolis "Mouse" BundlesGPS "Mouse" for HandSpring Treo 180/ 270 /300 / 600

Mapopolis GPS for TreoGPS for HandSpring Treo 650

Mapopolis "Mouse" BundlesGPS "Mouse" Bundle for HP Jornada

Mapopolis "Mouse" BundlesGPS "Mouse" Bundle for Fujitsu Loox

Sony Clie - Mapopolis Mouse BundleMouse GPS Receiver for Sony Clie

Mapopolis "Mouse" BundlesBundle for Pocket PC Phone (XDA)


Mapopolis "Mouse" BundlesGPS "Mouse" Bundle for iPaq


Mapopolis "Mouse" BundlesGPS for Palm

Mapopolis "Mouse" BundlesGPS "Mouse" Bundle for Toshiba

Mapopolis "Mouse" BundlesGPS "Mouse" Bundle for Casio

radio frequency gps

RF GPS Scout

RF Data Logger:

* Download GPS location history from the vehicle directly to your PC when the vehicle comes within 250 feet (line of sight) of the base receiver that is attached to your PC.

* No need to physically attach the unit to your PC to download.

* GPS Tracker with Radio Frequency Connectivity

* Ideal for: Investigators, Fleet Management, Law Enforcement, Rental Vehicles, Infidelity, Teenage Driver Safety, etc.



route tools download truck gps mapping

Route Tools

by Rand McNally

fleet management avl Fleet Management AVL

* Personal tracking device

* Self powered

* 200MB hard disk space

* GSM/GPRS connectivity

* (accessories available)

$235 / Unit


$59.95 Per Month Tracking Service

GPS Photo Locator

GPS Photo Locator



Heavy Vehicle Tracking GPS

fugawi digital ordnance maps


Digital UK Maps


12-channel "All-in-view"

receiver module

See details

Track and recover stolen laptops:

Laptop Real-time Tracker


blue tooth gps Bluetooth

rf tracking

RF GPS Tracking System

* Real Time Tracking For Golf Courses

$ Contact us

bt gps


Buy / More info


datalogger usb gps  stick

 GPS Trip Stick

* 2MB memory, usb powered

* USB Stick Data logger unit


world pld

WTracker PLD



sms gps SMS GPS  

$471 / Unit


$59.95 Per Month Tracking Service