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Fugawi Marine ENC

Fugawi Marine ENC Screenshot


FUGAWI Marine ENC Version 5:


Fugawi ENC Version 5 now available - click here to see details


Mapping Software & Hardware Bundles available:

FUGAWI Marine ENC & PCMCIA GPS Receiver:


FUGAWI Marine ENC & MightyGPS USB Mouse Reciever for Laptops:


FUGAWI Marine ENC & Weatherproof GPS Mouse Receiver:



Fugawi ENC Version 5 now available - click here to see details

At last FREE marine charts!

Fugawi Enc Deep Draft View Fugawi Enc Shallow Draft View

Fugawi Enc Depth Area Query

Current US ENC Coverage

Fugawi Enc US ENC Coverage




New to Fugawi Marine ENC Ver. 4.5x:

Bonus Data Pack DVD:
The Canadian Edition of Fugawi Marine ENC Ver. 4 is supplied with a free copy of the Fugawi Data Pack - Canada, which is supplied on DVD, and contains:

Fugawi Marine ENC Now Supports Navionics Charts

Fugawi Marine ENC now supports award winning Navionics® Gold, Gold+, Silver, Fish'N'Chip and HotMaps® nautical charts.

With the addition of a simple Navionics Multi Card Reader, Fugawi Marine ENC software can now be used at home, at the helm, or below decks for planning, navigating and monitoring your boat's passage using the identical, award winning cartography installed in a Navionics compatible chartplotter.

Fugawi has solved the problem of a single chart standard for PC software — users can now access charts for almost anywhere in the world from a single source, rather than dealing with a multitude of chart suppliers and formats.

Of course Fugawi Marine ENC continues to support the widest range of chart formats including NOAA ENC®, NOAA RNC™, iENC, S-57, Softchart, BSB (MAPTECH®, NDI DigitalOcean®), eTopo, Softmap, GeoTiff, and more, providing the user with a choice of chart supplier.



How do I use Navionics charts in Fugawi Marine ENC ?

The Navionics Multi Card Reader (pictured left) is required to load Navionics charts from a Navionics CompactFlash (CF), MultiMedia (MMC), or SecureDigital (SD) card into Fugawi Marine ENC Ver. 4.1.

Standard (non-Navionics) card readers cannot be used to read Navionics charts. The Navionics Multi Card Reader requires Windows XP (Home Edition or Pro) running on the PC and an available USB port (high Speed USB is strongly recommended).

Navionics charts must be purchased on CF, MMC, or SD cards from your local Navionics retailer.

Fugawi Marine ENC supports Navionics Gold, Gold+, Silver, HotMaps®, and Fish'N'Chip.


Fugawi Navionics Upgrade Kit

(ncludes: Setup CD to upgrade from Fugawi Marine ENC Ver 3.x and newer to Fugawi Marine ENC Ver 5.x; Navionics Multi Card Reader; and quick start installation instructions)


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