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GPS Mini Tracker


Mighty GPS-ST-EC

Status Discontinued

Our Price: $499

Not only a TRI-BAND modem worldwide real time tracking system, but also an emergency communicator. SecureTrack gives you capabilities and control that no other unit offers. Web based, password protected “control panel” puts you in total command of your tracker. You can quickly obtain current location including map and full street address, set up geofencing alarms, turn on and off auto-track feature, obtain historical data and adjust report rate. If you need a quick find, just call from your cell phone, and in moments you will receive a text message with the full address of current tracker location. Emergency SOS button sends location and message to preset numbers or emails. Allows actual emergengy voice calls to 2 preset phone numbers. Operates 22 hours on a single charge. Includes charger, arm band, hands free adaptor, and cigar lighter adaptor.


Tracking packages start as low as $19.95 per month!

• Children, Grandchildren & Teenagers
Be able to track your young loved ones. Whether they are abducted, lost, or just for reassurance -- you can locate them.

• "Man's Best Friend" Dogs
Simply attach the SecureTrack to your dog’s collar and you will never have to worry about your pet going missing.

• Alzheimer Adults
Sometimes adults suffering from Alzheimer’s tend to wander off. SecureTrack allows you to locate them in the event there is cause for concern.

• Cars, Boats, Motorcycles, ATV & More
Simply place the SecureTrack in or on your expensive item and track it in the event it gets stolen.

• Sales and Service People in the Field
Worried about your employees? Now you can track their whereabouts and ensure their safety in the field.

• Fleet Management
Want to see where your trucks are? Have them carry a SecureTrack and you will be able to follow their travels.

A key component to the SecureTrack GLS is the website control panel. Through this password protected user interface, the customer can locate their tracking device(s), identified online as a user defined nickname such as Michele, Fido, Laptop, etc. Through proprietary mapping software, users can see street and building level detail for the location of their device, or zoom out to get a wide-angle view of the device's location. Users can define a territory, known as a Geofence or Safety Zone, in which the device can travel freely but when the device travels outside the Geofenced territory, an alert is immediately sent to a cell phone or email designated by the user. The user can locate the device through the online web panel, or in the event they do not have immediate access to the Internet, simply call the device and receive the exact location on their cellular phone. Through the website, the customer can also manage the notification of the alert functions by designating contacts to receive alerts for SOS calls. The interface allows for multiple notifications, so for example, if a child is being tracked and goes outside the Geofenced area, an alert can be sent to Mom and Dad, or any other caregiver or adult that parents wish to notify.

At half the size of a deck of playing cards, the unit can be easily concealed or attached to a loved one, a pet, or a valuable asset. Never before has GPS, GSM and the Internet been integrated into such a small device and with limitless applications. The device’s features include:

• The ability to locate your loved ones or valuables with the click of a button or a phone call.

• An “SOS” button that will send an alert notification to multiple contacts in the event of an emergency.

• The Geofence or “safety zone” feature will enable you to define an area and receive alerts if the Gemini travels outside the defined invisible boundary.

• 2 speed dial buttons that allow the device to call up to 2 predetermined numbers.

• Dedicated call center to provide technical assistance and customer support.

• 24-hour access to the online interface, mapping software and tools.

• Tri-band modem for worldwide coverage, with a highly sensitive GPS module.

• Rechargeable battery with capacity of up to 22 hours, with a short charging time of only 4 hours to restore full battery capacity.

Model ST-EC

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