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MapSource BlueChart is GARMIN’s exclusive marine cartography and was developed to provide you with mapping flexibility and options you've never had before. BlueChart CD ROMs provide the same detailed, object-oriented cartography as the pre-programmed BlueChart data cards., including specific region breakdowns. For further details see Garmin's BlueChart pages.

Features include:
* Detailed electronic nautical charts for several pre-defined regions in the specifiied area — select the offshore region of your choice
* Shows shaded depth contours and intertidal zones with spot soundings
* Provides navaids with view range and coverage
* Includes chart information such as chart name, number, scale, revision date and latest Notice to Mariners
* Displays wrecks, restricted areas, cable areas, anchorages, shoals and spoilage
* Americas version contains tides and marinas



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