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MapSource City Navigator Europe
 CD-RomMapSource City Navigator Europe CD-Rom

City Navigator Europe automatically creates point-to-point routes in MapSource (on your PC) on StreetPilot III and on GPS V. It also displays points of interest such as food and drink, lodging, border crossings, petrol stations, hospitals and more. This map detail and data may be viewed on both the personal computer and with data downloaded to StreetPilot III. Included with the purchase of the MapSource City Navigator CD is one FREE single DCA Area unlocking code for an area of your choice. If you require more than one area unlocked, the unlocking code can be purchased for the entire CD-ROM.

MapSource City Select Europe CDMapSource City Select Europe CD

MapSource MetroGuide
 Europe CD ROM

MapSource MetroGuide Europe CD ROM

All of the European MetroGuides have now been combined and updated into this single MetroGuide Europe CD which covers all of Western Europe. In addition to the updated map data, we've added enhanced features such as automatic routing capabilities on the PC.