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Discontinued Pharos SDIO GPS Receiver

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Pharos Pocket GPS Navigator SDIO includes the ultra compact, iGPS-SD which slots directly into the secure digital port of a Pocket PC.
Turn your Pocket PC into a portable navigation device with SDIO Now! The powerful iGPS-SD uses a proprietary design which tracks all GPS satellites in sight. This 12-channel tracking gives the Pharos GPS receiver superior performance, enabling fast GPS signal acquisition and reacquisition, and optimum response in dynamic applications. Includes Ostia, Pharos' award-winning navigation software for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs.

Check out these key features:

# Pharos SDIO GPS Receiver, small, compact design
# Turn-by-turn voice directions will guide you to your destination with ease and confidence
# Choose from full map, directional arrow, arrow/map split screens, compass, or text directions depending on your navigation needs
# Integrated with Windows powered Pocket Outlook contacts
# Web access to maps and software
# Access Real-time traffic & Web-based points of interest right onto your mobile device (with Internet access and subscription)

Turn your Pocket PC into a portable navigation device with SDIO Now!

Note: Some Pocket PCs may take longer to acquire GPS signal inside of a vehicle.


* Hardware: iGPS-SD

* 12 channel tracking

* Slots directly into SD port
* Tracks all GPS satellites in sight
* ultra-fast GPS signal aquisition and re-aquisition

Ostia Navigation Software:
Turn-by-turn voice and visual prompting
Customizable Voice Prompts
On-screen indicator for next turn direction and street name
On-screen display for distance to next turn and distance to final destination
Automatic map zooming when next turn is approaching
Reverse route calculation
Display highlighted route map or written text directions
One-touch or automatic rerouting
Map displayed as always "heading up" or always "north up"
Complete "real-time" demo through Simulation Mode
Zoom-in and zoom-out with stylus on screen
Display active satellites and signal strengths
Route by shortest distance, fastest route or by avoiding freeways
Create routes using addresses from your Pocket Outlook contacts folder
Record traveled routes with time stamps
Save stored routes into internal or external memory
Use Latitude/Longitude coordinates as destination or origin
View list of active maps
View complete functional compass on one screen with Latitude/Longitude, altitude, local time, current speed, and line of sight distance to destination
Setup wizard automatically configures the COM port for your Pocket PC
Map Finder utility
Find maps using ZIP code or city name
Create a perimeter location to select necessary maps
View map file size before downloading to your PDA

* What's in the box:
iGPS-SD receiver, Ostia navigation software (psd80), Street-level maps (US or Canada), PDA Holder, Car Charger

iPAQ 1935/1945/2215/4155/4355/5155/5455/5555
Axim X3(i)
Toshiba e405/e805
Samsung i700
Not compatible with Palm OS