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ViewSonic V35/36/37



Pharos Pocket GPS Navigator,
ViewSonic V35/36/37
(PK039 / PKCAN039)

The Pocket GPS Navigator is comprised of the iGPS hardware and the Ostia navigation software supplied on CD-ROMs. With the navigation software installed on your Viewsonic V35, locating your current position, or finding a destination or point of interest (POI) is fast and simple. Routes can be calculated and viewed. Once you're in your vehicle, simply activate the navigation program and begin traveling; the automated voice-prompts will instruct you when and where to turn. If by chance you go "off route," the automated voice will give an off-route warning. Simply push the "Action" button on your Viewsonic V35 and the system will reroute you to your destination from your current position.

  • Contents:
  • iGPS-180 receiver with car power adapter
  • Ostia navigation software
  • Detailed US street maps
  • Features/Benefits:
  • Lowest Price Point - Affordable In-car navigation
  • True Voice Prompt - Turn-by-turn voice directions will guide you to your destination with ease and confidence
  • Integrated with Windows powered Pocket Outlook contacts - Choose a destination address quickly by simply finding an address from your Outlook contacts
  • Full coverage Tele Atlas digital map data - Get accurate and detailed street maps of the entire United States including Alaska and Hawaii