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pc card gps


USB Dongle GPS


Light , Compact and Stylish! Provides excellent reception to optimize GPS performance and is easy to connect.

GPS External Active Antenna with MMCX Connector $15


AMPS/GPS Antenna 5v

with MCX Connector for GPS and SMA connector for the AMPS


Hurry - End of Line - Only a few left!




Active GPS Antenna

active gps antenna

MGLP-1RA model, Capsule Compact Active GPS Antenna is a high performance 5VDC GPS antenna, this compact size active antenna is commonly used for OEM, system integrator and end user applications. The antenna offers a 27 dB gain (active patch). It features a "bottom exit" coaxial cable configuration with a MCX version connector. This antenna performs well in foliage, urban and noisy environments. It is designed for fixed location, permanent mount applications and complies with automotive temperature and vibration standards.
Custom designed antennas are available upon customers request. Price may vary depending on modification requirement.

Active GPS antenna Specifications

Frequency: 1.575 GHz:t3MHz
OutputVSWR: 2.0 Max
Impedance: 50 D.
Gain: 27 dB Typical
Noise Figure:1.2dB
DC Voltage: DC 5.0V
DC Current: 22 mA Typical

Working Temp: - 40C - +8SoC
Weatherproof: 100% waterproof

Size: 60 mm Diam. X 22 mm
Cable: RG 174 with 5 meter long

Mounting: Permanent mount

Antenna with MCX connector @ $US 15.00/unit





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