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Automatic Vehicle Location - Vehicle Location Terminal - Car Tracking Device - Automatic Vehicle Location

  Starfindr I

AVL Automatic Vehicle Location Device

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  Model  Description
  Starfindr 103 for GSM/SMS 850/1900 Mhz.
  Starfindr 104 for GSM/SMS 900/1800 Mhz. 
  Starfindr 105 for GPRS 850/1900 Mhz.
  Starfindr 106 for GPRS 900/1800 Mhz.
  Starfindr 108 For Satellite comms. (Orbcomm) Not available yet


StarFindr 103
Our Price: $610.00

StarFindr 104
Our Price: $610.00

StarFindr 105
Our Price: $530.00

StarFindr 106
Our Price: $540.00

Starfindr GSM Kit
Starfindr AVL GSM Evaluation Kit (Including SW)
Our Price: $880.00

Starfindr GPRS Kit
Starfindr AVL GPRS Evaluation Kit (Including SW)
Our Price: $770.00

Extra Vehicle License
Starfindr AVL SW extra vehicle license
Our Price: $65.00

Contact us at volume orders listing your quantity and item number. We will provide you with a discounted pricing level for that product within one business day

This effective and low cost Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) system is designed to connect with a wide range of cell phone modems, VHF/UFH for digital radios, 2-way pagers and Satellite modems (ORBCOMM). It operates on TDMA, CDMA/1X, GSM/SMS, GPRS, POCSAG, ReFlex, and ORBCOMM. The 2 way communication is based on SMS or GPRS or 1X data packets.

The StarFindr system also includes an intelligent data-logging capability based on time interval, distance and events. The intelligent selection of data allows the positions recording in the internal flash memory for weeks or months.

The system also has two optical inputs and two digital inputs for telemetry (one is RF Panic Button). These can be used to trigger alarms or monitor desired states/conditions. It also has 2 outputs for control. These outputs can be used to control different parameters inside the vehicle .

StarFindr can be programmed over the air to set up with I/O ports to receive emergency functions like road side assistance or disable the ignition. It's ideal for stolen car recovery, fleet management, rental car monitoring, road services, boating and many others.

There is a possibility for custom design of features for higher quantity orders. We welcome OEM. avl


  • High performance GPS positioning with intelligent data logging by request
  • Programmable position request by time or distance interval
  • Inputs - 2 optical, 2 digital (1 RF panic button)
  • Outputs - 2 relays (4 conditions)
  • GSM/GPRS, CDMA/1X or TDMA – cellular interface based on SMS & GPRS & 1X data-packet
  • Programmable Geo-Fence
  • Sleep & stand-by mode power saving feature
  • Backup battery Optional
  • Passive RF Immobilizer (future)
  • Each unit has a specific ID for report management
  • Additional input for camera and microphone (future upgrade)

With the StarFindr AVL, we have StarFindr AVL Software for the control center. This SW can handle unlimited vehicles in real time. This software is designed for customers with large fleets. Customers that do not need to monitor fleets of vehicles but rather one or few will be able to purchase limited licenses or use a web site for tracking.

StarFindr AVL Software

It's a powerful fleet management software 95/98/2000/Me/XP and NT.

Main features:

  • Multi-vehicle supported
  • Ready to work with MS MapPoint NA and Europe (2002 & 2004 versions)
  • Takes on-the-fly the following map formats: SHP (ArcInfo), TAB (MapInfo)
    AGF (AtlasGIS), DWG (Autocad).
  • Accepts the following raster map formats which may be georeferenced using the industry standard ESRI World File format: KAP (BSB nautical chart), SID (MrSID), TIF / TIFF / GeoTIFF, BMP (Windows bitmap), PCX (Paintbrush), TGA (Targa), PNG (Portable network graphics), ECW (ERMapper)
  • Way point feature, it can pre-defined areas on a map that are defined by name, position, size and shape . It can send e-mails o ring alarm when a vehicle enters an 'out-of-bound' area.

avl software

Starfinder Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a Ready-to-Go solution for testing purpose ?
Yes, there is a Starfindr KIT for GSM network which includes:
Starfindr AVL main unit
GSP Magnet Mount Antenna
GSM Patch Antenna
Starfindr AVL Software with license for 2 vehicles
GSM Modem for PC
GSM Antenna for GSM Modem

Which kind of communication network can Starfindr AVL Systems work with ?
The series of Starfindr AVL products have been developed to work under the following communication networks:

GSM 850/1900 Mhz – USA, Canada, Mexico, South America except Brazil.
GSM 900/1800 Mhz - Europe, Asia, Middle East and Brazil.
GPRS 850/1900 Mhz - USA, Canada, Mexico, South America except Brazil.
GPRS 900/1800 Mhz - Europe, Asia, Middle East and Brazil.
CDMA/1X – by SMS or TCP/IP
TDMA – by SMS *
LTR Trucking Radio
Satellite Modem - Orbcomm

Is there any monthly fee charged by us after acquiring the Starfindr AVL Units ?
No, we don’t charge any monthly maintenance fee for AVL systems. The maintenance fee will be only the cost of your communication with the cell phone carrier (Example: cell phone network or satellite network)

We are planning to work over GSM or GPRS, what extra components do we need to run the system ?
Just a SIM card for each Starfindr AVL unit from your local GSM provider and the digital maps to load into the Starfindr AVL software for real-time monitoring.

How big can be the fleet to be monitored with the Starfindr AVL System?
The Starfindr AVL System is highly scalable. The system can handle up to several hundreds of vehicles in standard configuration. However, for very high volume vehicle projects, we recommend customized solutions.

How do I install the tracking unit?
Any professional auto electrician can easily install the Starfindr AVL Unit.
Each Starfindr AVL Unit hardware device is delivered with its own User’s Manual and Installation Guide, which describes the installation process.
Installation of the Starfindr AVL unit takes an average of one to two hours.

How accurate is the positioning of Starfindr AVL Unit?
With the built-in high performance GPS receiver, the accuracy is 9 ft. in North America (WAAS) & Europe (EGNOS) and 10-15 mts. in rest of the world.

Does the system work 24 hours a day?
Yes, the Starfindr AVL can work 24/7. You can determine how often you want the location report be updated. There are 4 variables to play with:

Report for time (i.e. one report every 5 minutes)
Report for distance (i.e. one report each 3 kilometers)
Reports for areas (i.e. one report every time that the vehicle gets in/out of the pre-specified area)
Reports under request from the control center

What about the manufacturing standards?
The Starfindr AVL Unit is made in Canada under ISO manufacturing standards.
Each unit has been 100% QC for application in vehicles.
The units use all FCC and CE certified components and the FCC & CE approval will be ready very soon.

How can I add more vehicles to my system?
Simply contact us and we’ll provide you license for more vehicle units for your StarFindr AVL software.

How do I install the Starfindr AVL Software ?
The Starfindr AVL Software can easily be installed in PC with min requirement of Pentium 1Ghz processor and 256Mb RAM. The Window OS is a must.

Witch kind of maps are accepted by the Starfindr AVL Software ?
There are two versions for the Starfindr AVL Software with the same software features but capable of processing the following mapping files:

Starfindr AVL Software for MapPoint, maps from Microsoft MapPoint North America or Europe on their versions 2002 or 2004.

Starfindr AVL Software GEO: maps in MapInfo, ArcView, AtlasGIS or AutoCAD

How many vehicles can I see on the background map?
The Starfindr AVL Software automatically center the map to queried at once. You can therefore view all of your fleet’s vehicles on the map trough the zoom feature.

How far can I follow my vehicles?
The Starfindr AVL Software’s coverage depends directly on the coverage of the communication network and also the mapping coverage.

How many users can I have on my system?
The Starfindr AVL Software is developed to be settled in individual control center terminals. We suggest one terminal per several hundred of vehicles as max.
If you need clients/server configurations or special requisitions for thick client control center features, please contact our sales department.

For how long the vehicle’s history records are stored?
There are no time limits for records. The data can be consulted within seconds, at any time, and exported to Excel applications for customized reports.


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