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Super Trackstick


super trackstickThe Super Trackstick is the newest tracking system available to private investigators, law enforcement, and other government agencies as well as intelligence personnel. The weatherproof case and removable magnetic mount allow for covert installation. Features like this make Super Trackstick best suited for police or homeland security personnel.

The Super Trackstick is conveniently powered by two (2) AAA batteries. With the built in vibration detector and proprietary low power GPS technology, the Super Trackstik will run for over a month with average use. The 4Mb of flash memory ensures that the Super Trackstick will log weeks or even months of travel histories. User selectable features allow the record time to be changed from an interval of every 5 seconds, or from 1 minute to every 15 minutes.

Like all Track stick devices, Super Trackstick will work anywhere on the planet. Using the latest in GPS mapping technologies from Google EarthTM, its exact location can be shown on satellite-based maps and 3D geographical terrain.

The Super Track stik comes equipped with the highest technological features available on the market today. With the detachable magnetic mount and belt clip, Super Trackstick can be carried on a belt, in a bag or covertly installed and placed on anything that moves. Trackstick’sTM technology enables a continuously updated record of the exact route, stop times, speed and direction and other valuable information. The Super Tracstick even has its own built in temperature recorder to monitor and record its environment.

All of SuperTrackstick’s information can easily be downloaded to your computer via the USB port and quickly viewed on Google Earth’sTM 3D model of the planet. No monthly fees are required and all software needed to run Super Trackstik’s technology is included.

Super TrackStick Main Features:

  • 4 1/2” X 1 1/4” X 3/4”
  • 2.5 meter horizontal accuracy
  • Integrated USB 2.0 connector
  • Weatherproof case, detachable magnetic mount and belt clip.
  • Integrated directly into Google EarthTM for worldwide use.
  • 4Mb flash memory records months of location histories.
  • Vibration Detector for ultra long battery life. (4 weeks typical)
  • Built in temperature recorder -10C / +14F to +60C/140F +/- 1C
  • Runs on two (2) AAA batteries.
  • Requires Windows computer with USB1.1/2.0 port. usb tracker

    This is not a real time tracking unit. Download is required to access tracking data.
    Tracking data subject to Satellite Connection – tracker must be able to see the sky.

  • Route tracking
    with earth.google.com (Requires installing Google Earth)

    Trac Stik Images
    free real time maps trac stik maps

    Location histories can also be exported to the following maps:
    * www.virtualearth.com
    * maps.google.com
    * Microsoft Streets and Trips
    * Encarta
    ...and many other third party mapping programs.

    Save Data in Any Format:

    • RTF (Detailed text file with .html map links)
    • XLS (Microsoft Excel Spread Sheets)
    • HTML (Webpage with Graphics and Maps)
    • KML (Proprietary Google Earth File)

    * Note: It is illegal to track someone without their permission

    • Low cost
    • No monthly or ongoing fees
    • GPS Receiver is the size of a memory stick
    • View maps and reports. Street level mapping
    • Coverage across 100% Earth
    • Easy to use.
    • Easy to install, takes 5 minutes or less
    • All-inclusive package, no need to purchase additional software or hardware


    • Weight: 1.5 oz.
    • Capacity: 4 MB
    • Duration:1 Month
    • Connectivity: USB 2.0
    • Receiving Signal: L1 (1575.42 MHz)
    • Horizontal Accuracy: 2.5 Meters / Vertical Accuracy: 22 Meters
    • Built in temperature recorder -10C / +14F to +60C/140F +/- 1C
    • Power: 2 AAA Batteries
    • Consumption: <5mAH in Low Power Mode
    • Requires 2 AAA Batteries (not included)
    • Required Screen Size to View: 1024 X 768
    • Works on Windows Operating Systems
    • Size: 4" x 1 1/4" x 3/4"


    Watch this in Action:

    super track stick reports

    gps bundles

      Commonly Asked Questions:

    gps bundles system

    Q. How strong is the magnetic mount?

    A. The magnetic mount has been tested to 20 pounds of strength.  It can operate under extreme conditions and has been reported to have worked with vehicles while mounted outside traveling over 1000 km at speeds up to 170km/h!

    Q. Can the tracstick work on a Mac?

    A. No. Currently the Mac OS is not supported.


    Q: How long will the battery last?

    A: Battery life varies but with the Super trackstick it averages 4-10 days, with the TrackStick II it is 2-7 days, and with the PRO this is not applicable, and on the TracStik it is 1-2  days.


    Q: Where is the best place to locate the TrackStick in a vehicle?
    A: The front dash is the best spot but the glove compartment, or under the dash without any metal between it and the sky, the speaker shelf, or behind the rear seats are also good. Basically anywhere there is no metal placed between the TrackStick and the sky.


    Q: How much data can this hold?

    A: The Track Stick can make approx 4000 records with Date, Time, Longitude, Latitude, Speed, Direction, Altitude and other information. Memory is not used when the Track Stick is not moving. The TrakStik can record months of travel history under normal use.


    Q: What is the difference between the TracStik II and the Super TracStik?

    TrackStick II
    1 MB Memory (must be erased when erased)
    Records speed, distance, elevation lat. long.
    On/Off switch

    Battery life on average is up to 2-7 day

    Includes Belt Clip (Magnetic Mount sold discreetly)


    Super TrackStick

    4 MB Memory (when full must be erased)
    Records speed, distance, elevation, lat. long & ambient temperature

    On/Off switch with motion sensor which powers off when motion is not detected
    Battery life: On average is up to 4-10 days
    Includes belt clip and magnetic mount


    TrackStick Pro

    4 MB Memory (cyclic recording)
    Records speed, distance, elevation, lat. long & ambient temperature
    Powered by 12 volt cigarette lighter adapter or can be hardwired to any 12 v power source
    Includes permanent mounting bracket