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sysonchip cf gps card memory

SysOn CF GPS - Memory

Product Description:

Based on the fantastic GPS CF Plus II, SysOnChip have built the world's first combination of flash memory with a CF GPS receiver. Ideal for PDA users with only one Compact Flash slot available, this dual function device receives positional information and also has a massive 1GB storage space to store your UK map information and more!

SysOnChip CF 1GB Memory GPS with Xtrac IIThe SysOn CF Memory GPS is one of the smallest Compact Flash GPS receivers on the market and is supplied with the powerful SiRF XTracII chipset. The slim case houses a 12 channel all-in-view satellite receiver, which is specifically designed with low power consumption, helping to preserve battery life on the host unit.

SiRF XTRAC v2The improved XTracII chipset provides the fastest GPS fix time and higher senstivity even in the difficult environments.

Simply plug the receiver in to the CF port of a laptop or PDA and add your own choice of GPS software to create a powerful navigation system.
The built in antenna is capable of acquiring satellite signals even in challenging situations such as under foliage or between tall buildings. It is even capable of picking up a signal inside some buildings and under service station canopies, allowing you to set up your route before beginning your journey.

The unit is sold without any bundled mapping software which allows total flexibility in selecting appropriate software for your particular application and operating system.

Discontinued - click here to find other cf card items

SysOn CF Memory+GPS 512MB  (with SiRF II e/LP Xtrac)  $183
(SysOn™ CF Memory GPS is the world’s first GPS receiver combining flash memory and a GPS receiver in a Compact Flash single card.)

- SysOn CF Memory+GPS, Sirf III 1GB $219

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  Product Specification

Length Of Manufacturer Guarantee: 1 Year(s)
Map Datums: WGS-84

GPS Performance
No. of Channels: 12
Interfaces: NMEA 0183 (GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC, VTG)
Acquisition Times - Autolocate Approximately 8 seconds
Acquisition Times - Warm Approximately 38 seconds
Acquisition Times - Cold Approximately 45 seconds
Receiver: SiRF XtracII

Unit Type Compact Flash (CF) Type I
For Use With PDA or laptop
Power Usage 3.3v DC
Dimensions 100x47x16mm
Power Source Powered from PDA or Laptop
Temperature Range -10C to 50C
External Antenna Port: Yes
Antenna: Yes

Other Features:
Destination Search Criterea Postcode, street name, street junction, Outlook contact
SiRF Star IIe/LP Chipset Ensuring low power consumption
Standard Accessories: Quick Reference Guide Vital information to get you started

Package Includes:
CF GPS x 1
Quick Installation Guide

PDA Requirements: Available Compact Flash Slot
Operating System: Pocket PC 2002/2002, Window Mobile 2003, WinCE.NET

Known compatiblility issues: The following PDAs do not work with the CF Memory for the time being.
Dell Axim x51v with Windows Mobile 5.0
Dell Axim x50v with Windows Mobile 5.0

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sysonchip cf gps card memory