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Tracstik Pro


The Trackstick Pro is a tiny GPS recorder intended as a low cost alternative to real time tracking devices. Tracksticks are GPS data loggers capable of continuously recording their own location histories for extended periods of time. The Trackstick Pro can be hard wired, covertly installed or run off of the included cigarette lighter plug. It is the perfect solution for companies and individuals looking for a way to track, record and validate the location of anything that moves. As with all of Telespial Systems products, the Trackstick Pro integrates seamlessly into Google Earth for unrivaled mapping and use worldwide.

TrackStick Pro™ personal GPS location recorder is supplied with a cigarette lighter plug (detachable for direct wiring to the car) and a 3-foot USB cable for downloading the stored data. 

The TrackStick Pro™ keeps detailed records of routes traveled for quality-control and security purposes. The datalogger works with public Web map systems such as Google Earth and MapQuest, eliminating the need for users to update map software or pay software licensing and maintenance fees.

The 3" x 2" x 1" travel logger records location, speed, heading, altitude, date, and time at preset intervals of 1 to 15 min unless the device is stationary.

The TrackStick Pro's™ 4-Mb memory holds up to 16,000 records (4 times that of its predecessor TrackStick Standard™), which can be downloaded to a PC via the included USB cable and Windows software. The software also integrates recorded data with on-line map software and displays routes annotated with travel statistics.

Output file formats include RTF, XLS, HTML, and Google Earth's KML. The location recorder receives L1 (1,575.42-MHz) GPS signals and has accuracies of 15 m horizontal and 22 m vertical.



System Requirements
Minimum configuration for detailed mapping:

  • Windows 2000 or newer

  • Intel Pentium PIII 500 MHz

  • 128MB RAM

  • 200MB hard-disk space

  • 3D-capable video card with 16MB VRAM

  • 1024x768, 32-bit (true color) screen

  • USB1.1 Port

TrackStick uses the latest in 3-D mapping technologies.  For best results, download Google Earth HERE  (it's free!)

Location histories can also be exported to the following maps:
* www.virtualearth.com
* maps.google.com
* Microsoft Streets and Trips
* Encarta
...and many other third party mapping programs.

* Note: It is illegal to track someone without their permission

Possible Applications:

- Employee monitoring
- Route verification
- Delivery time validation
- Mileage reporting

Commercial Equipment
Equipment maintenance scheduling
- Rental usage data
- Job site mapping
- Location surveying

Emergency Services
Search and rescue area mapping
- Evacuation route planning
- Site surveying and mapping
- Vehicle logistics

Personal and Business
Trip planning and recording
- Geocaching and Treasure Hunting
- Offroad site mapping
- Family driving habits

Homeland Security
- Defense and Intelligence
- Troop and equipment deployment
-Strategic planning


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  Volume Purchases

gps bundles

Looking for multiple units? Please contact us regarding volume discounts


Trackstick Pro is simple to use. Just mount the Trackstick Pro to the side or top of a vehicle, sit it on or under the dash or place it on anything that has power and moves!

The Trackstick Pro will continuously record its own location and route history for as long as there is power to the device.


The Trackstick Pro is easy to remove from its included cradle. The cradle can be permanently mounted to the vehicle and a built in alarm will notify you of any power interruptions. The weatherproof case has an eyelet for tamper resistant labels which makes visual inspections easy when a driving habits of employees come into question.


The Trackstick Pro has an integrated USB port which makes the downloaded of all recorded histories fast and easy.

Everything is included with the Trackstick Pro for use just about anywhere on the planet.


The Trackstick receives signals from twenty four satellites orbiting the earth. With this information, the Trackstick can precisely calculate its own position anywhere on the planet to within fifteen meters.


The Trackstick will work anywhere on the planet Earth. The Trackstick Pro is the only GPS tracking device that has been fully integrated into Google Earth for the best available mapping of the planet. No other device gives you as much detail regarding location histories and works so seamlessly with Google Earth. Our unique software integration with Google Earth, assures you the most advanced tracking technologies are available at the click of your mouse.


The Trackstick Pro's micro computer contains special mathematical algorithms that can calculate how long it has been standing still. The Trackstick Pro can accurately time and map each and every place it has have been.


Route tracing overlays a purple line on the map indicating where you've traveled. Targets on the 3D maps indicate the location, time and duration of each stop the vehicle made.


The exact speed and direction of the vehicle can be determined instantly at any point on the driving route. All information is neatly organized within the Trackstick Manager and on Google Earth for later review.



gps bundles

  Commonly Asked Questions:

gps bundles system

Q. How strong is the magnetic mount?

A. The magnetic mount has been tested to 20 pounds of strength.  It can operate under extreme conditions and has been reported to have worked with vehicles while mounted outside traveling over 1000 km at speeds up to 170km/h!

Q. Can the tracstik work on a Mac?

A. No. Currently the Mac OS is not supported.


Q: How long will the battery last?

A: Battery life varies but with the Super tracstik it averages 4-10 days, with the TracStik II it is 2-7 days, and with the PRO this is not applicable, and on the TracStik it is 1-2  days.


Q: Where is the best place to locate the TracStik in a vehicle?
A: The front dash is the best spot but the glove compartment, or under the dash without any metal between it and the sky, the speaker shelf, or behind the rear seats are also good. Basically anywhere there is no metal placed between the TrakStik and the sky.


Q: How much data can this hold?

A: The Track Stick can make approx 4000 records with Date, Time, Longitude, Latitude, Speed, Direction, Altitude and other information. Memory is not used when the Track Stick is not moving. The TrakStik can record months of travel history under normal use.


Q: What is the difference between the TracStik II and the Super TracStik?

TracStik II
1 MB Memory (must be erased when erased)
Records speed, distance, elevation lat. long.
On/Off switch

Battery life on average is up to 2-7 day

Includes Belt Clip (Magnetic Mount sold discreetly)


Super TracStik

4 MB Memory (when full must be erased)
Records speed, distance, elevation, lat. long & ambient temperature

On/Off switch with motion sensor which powers off when motion is not detected
Battery life: On average is up to 4-10 days
Includes belt clip and magnetic mount


TracStik Pro

4 MB Memory (cyclic recording)
Records speed, distance, elevation, lat. long & ambient temperature
Powered by 12 volt cigarette lighter adapter or can be hardwired to any 12 v power source
Includes permanent mounting bracket