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Mighty GPS-TrimTrac


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1) Hardware Unit Option - Price: $195

2) GPS Unit + Tracking Service Option - Call us at

Pay as you Go-TrimTraK Real Time GPS Tracking System

Weighting in at only 3.6 ounces, TrimTrak real time tracking system offers economical tracking in an easy to use format! No more complicated wiring or GPS antenna mounting.

Due to new state-of-the-art "high sensitivity antenna" technology, the very small TrimTrak tracker is completely self contained, including 4 standard "AA" batteries that can power the unit for a full month.

Of course, if you prefer a permanent installation, connection assembly with battery back up is also available.

Installs in seconds: Once activated, TrimTrak can be installed anywhere in the vehicle, including trunk, under seat, in glove box, or any other convenient location. For covert applications, our custom fitted waterproof magnetic case allows for quick installation under the vehicle or under hood. Unit can easily be moved from one vehicle to another. Also great for protecting heavy equipment, boats, industrial equipment and dozens of other items.

Extremely easy to use: No rocket scientist need here! Unit operates using GPS and GSM communication technology. To track your vehicle, simply access the TrimTrak website from any internet active computer, type in your password, and a detailed map with tracking information appears. Info includes time, speed of vehicle, street address of vehicle and last stop. Updates every 5 minutes, to keep you on target. Unit can be programmed for for faster or slower update frequency, if desired. Toll free customer support assures that all your questions be answered promptly.

Economical: Not only does the TrimTrak costs less than other real-time systems, but website subscription fees for tracking server are also much less and based on actual usage.

No Brainer: This is it! Real time tracking for the pro and the novice. It could not be any easier or economical.

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  Commonly Asked Questions:

gps bundles system

Q. Does the TrmTrac work in Canada and the US?  Do I need different SIM card and mapping  software for each country?  Different website subscription for each country as well?

A. This works in the States and Canada. If you buy the tracker from us the TrimTrac comes with a prepaid SIM card that will work in both countries. Same subscription and software.


Q. Does the unit give continuous updates for the selected interval even if the device is not moving?

A. The tracker will not give updates in sleep mode.


Q: Is there an activation fee?
A: Yes, $50

Q. What are the subscription fees for the TrimTrac?

A. Best value - UNLIMITED Service $40 per month, 6 or 12 months prepayment
required. Or use your own GSM/SMS enabled SIM card, $19.95 per month. Or use the Included SIM card, $19.95 per month.


Q: Is there a max number of "locates"?
A: Not with unlimited service

Q: Can text messaging be turned on/off?

Q: Will it work inside the trunk of a vehicle?
A: Not recommended but generally will work


Q: How frequently can the TrimTrak GPS Locator report position?

A: The default report frequency is approximately every 15 minutes while the device is in motion. The maximum update frequency is approximately 2 to 3 minutes depending upon how the TrimTrak locator is configured and environmental conditions such as GPS and GSM signal strength. However, it can also be programmed to send reports based on user-defined time ranges whether in motion or not.


Q: Can the TrimTrac GPS Locator send an alert to a cell phone?

A: The TrimTrac locator can send a SMS to any valid telephone number, including other cell phones. Alternately, any application that uses the TrimTrac locator as a remote sensor and tracking device could send an alert to a cell phone.



gps bundles


gps bundles

Optional Vehicle Hardwire Adapter Kit:
hardwire gps kit (Lets You Hardwire The Unit Into The Vehicle Electrical System
And Forget About The Battery Power)

Price: $79


gps bundles

Trimtrac Specs

gps bundles

GPS Specifications


L1 (1575.42 MHz) frequency, C/A code 12-Channels, 48 Correlators


Minimum –136.0 dBm Acquisition without external assistance



<6 meters (50%)
<11 meters (50%)
0.06 m/sec



Signal Power
Hot Start (50%)
Warm Start (50%)
Cold Start (50%)

-130.0 dB
<24 sec
<38 sec
<90 sec

-136.0 dB

<400 sec


Motional jerk

4g (39.2 m/sec2)
20 m/sec3






Environmental Specifications



-10°C to +55°C


5% to 95% RH non-condensing at +40°C


IP 55 standard when used with batteries


0.008 g2/Hz
0.05 g2/Hz
-3 dB/octave

5 Hz to 20 Hz
20 Hz to 100 Hz
100 Hz to 900 Hz



40g for 11milliseconds
75g for 6 milliseconds


Electrical Characteristics

Primary Power

Four AA batteries (not included) or 9-32 VDC (2)

Battery Life

Up to 90 days, (10 reports/day, GSM coverage, -130 dBm GPS)


None when battery powered

Features & Benefits:

Engineered to offer a host of features and benefits that make it a practical, yet versatile solution for private vehicle monitoring.

GPS technology/GSM communications

  • Single-processor integration for high reliability, lower overall cost, functionality, power conservation, small device size
  • Reliable, proven technologies
  • Existing infrastructure for global tracking
  • Most widely deployed digital wireless network
  • World-class GPS performance
  • Tri-band GSM 900/1800 MHz (DCS) and 1900 MHz (PCS)
  • GSM coverage equivalent to CDMA in United States- metro areas and along Interstate corridors between metro areas
  • Industry-standard hardware/software for easy and rapid adoption

Complete end-user device

  • Robust and water resistant housing increases reliability and durability for optimal performance under any climatic conditions and application
  • Optional rugged metal or plastic quick-release brackets increase usage versatility and quick redeployment making TrimTrac Locator ideal for a wide variety of applications

No external wires/antenna

  • Eliminates costly, time-consuming installations
  • Enables rapid deployment

Programmable and periodic location reports

  • Sophisticated log query capabilities enable intelligent on-demand position polling based on a variety of options including most recent position, logged but unsent messages, selected position or status messages, or by messages selected by time ranges
  • Advanced motion filtering algorithms enable motion based reporting based on pre-defined criteria
  • Frequency alterable per application or end-user needs as often as every 2-3 minutes (e.g., during suspected vehicle theft)
  • Battery levels with each report

SMS text messages

  • Secure, low-cost communications suitable for private vehicle tracking
  • Available on all GMS networks worldwide
  • Optimizes battery life of device by aggregating message summary information into reduced number of SMS messages

Motion-based reporting

  • Reduced power usage and application communications costs can be passed to end-users
  • Immediate status report when a vehicle is moved/ongoing location reports
  • Programmable and schedule based reporting enables daily or weekly at a specified time

Enhanced sensitivity

  • Clear view of the sky not required
  • Works outdoors and in some indoor settings
  • Permits discrete placement of device

Power options

  • Easily removable battery compartment simplifies maintenance
  • Slip on Vehicle Adapter Module

Optional Vehicle Adapter Module

  • Added protection with continued position reporting using standby rechargeable battery
  • Simple installation
  • Monitors/supports other in-vehicle systems and devices (e.g., car alarms, driver-operated switches)
  • Automatic and frequent reporting in the event of any status changes as a result of motion detection, or in-vehicle device triggered actions or disconnections

Modular architecture

  • Rapid application development and customization
  • Development of additional modules for added functionality


gps bundles


gps bundles system