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Data Loggers (Passive Tracking): For individuals or organizations who require a record of an asset’s or person’s whereabouts during a day, a week, a month, etc., without the ability or requisite cost of real-time tracking. Simply click on any of the options below to learn more about these GPS passive tracking options. The descriptions will help you select the right one for your particular fleet management needs.


Real Time (Active Tracking): This allows the user to watch the progress of the persons or assets travelling in real-time from their PC. This option, carries the costs of hardware, software and air-time charges for communication between the PC and the asset.

FAQ - GPS Assets Tracking & Management Solutions Overview:

GPS tracking and management systems involve various options So to help you find a good solution that can meet your requirements best, we developed this FAQ.

To start you need you ask yourself the following since your answers to these questions will have a significant impact on the type and cost of the system you want to get.

  1. Do you want to track your assets passively or in real time?
  2. How wide is your tracking area? In other words, which data communication method should you use?
  3. Which mapping software should you use?
  4. How do you want the tracking devices installed and powered? Will the devices be fixed in your vehicles for long time or do you need devices that are portable and can be easily removed?
  5. How do you want to access the data? Will you be viewing the data via your office or home based PC/Laptop/pocket PC or do you want to be able to view it anywhere through the Internet?

Passive or Real Time Tracking Modes:

First choose which tracking mode you want since this has the most significant impact on your final costs.

GPS Passive Tracking answers the question of Where have my vehicles been?" by using a GPS data logger placed inside a vehicle to record the vehicle's travels. You can later download the travel history data from the vehicle at the end of the day or whenever it is that the vehicle returns to its home base. Passive systems are useful for those that do not need the features that real-time systems offer. Advantages: Low cost and no monthly fee.

GPS real-time tracking answers the question of "Where are my assets now?" by using cellular wireless networks or satellite communication or local RF wireless modems to allow you to see the location of your vehicle in virtual "real-time".

Data Communication Methods:

With GPS passive tracking typical data storage and download methods for passive tracking systems include:

  • Saves the data using the GPS data logger's internal memory and then you can then plug it into your PC's USB port to download the data. Advantage: lowest cost.
  • Saves the data using the GPS data logger's internal memory and then you can transmit the data via a Bluetooth wireless connection ( up to 5 to 10 meters) to your PC.
  • Saves the data using the GPS data logger's internal memory and then you can use a RF wireless modem connection ( up to 1000 meters) to transmit data to your PC. Advantage: More convenient for larger commercial fleets.

With GPS real time tracking you have three options available and your choice will depending on your tracking area and your local wireless network coverage:

  • Cellular wireless network (GSM/GPRS and CDMA two wireless networks) is the most common method used by current GPS real time tracking systems.
  • Satellite communication is most suitable for tracking boats, ships or other targets on the sea where there is no cellular coverage.
  • RF communication is useful for limited distances (typically up to 20 miles), but have no monthly fees. This is suitable for tracking people who work closely together within a limited area.

Most real time tracking charges monthly fees for the wireless data communication services. These fee vary with your monthly usage and service plans available from the wireless network service providers.

Mapping Software:

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is most powerful mapping platform but the cost is very high so most will use some simplified mapping software. One commonly used platform is Google Earth. It covers most big cities and has good satellite images and road maps. It is currently free to use so you can try it out ahead to time to see if your local area is covered well.

Installation and Power Supply:

Most of devices have two installation options:

  • In-vehicle fixed installation that gets power supplied directly from vehicle's battery through a power adaptor cable.
  • Magnetic mounting is easiest and is good for covert tracking. It uses a power pack or rechargeable battery.

System Access Method:

Most passive tracking systems are designed for viewing via your PC.

For GPS real time tracking systems your options are:

  • Desktop PC / laptop / PDA based tracking with tracking software installed that receives the GPS tracking data from the tracking device via a wireless modem.
  • Web based tracking system. which lets users access the system from anywhere through an internet connected PC.

Make Your Choice Now:

MightyGPS has a variety of solutions to meet different customers' requirements and market demands. We have flexible, low cost yet powerful GPS tracking and management solutions from a variety of vendors.

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